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Why the alternative hen party is the way forward…

Aren't you bored of the same old, same old?

Gone are the days of dressing up in legwarmers and hitting the same 3 pubs you already visit every weekend for your Hen...

This is a once in a lifetime day to celebrate your last days of singledom and experience something different to really remember, don't you think?

We're so lucky to live in 2022 where anything really is possible. There's no excuse not to go after the things you really love and so many people are living far from the 9-5 lifestyle which has been centre stage for so's time for a revamp!

I thought I'd shake things up a little and give you some reasons why the alternative hen party is the way forward. It won’t be for everyone because some people are creatures of comfort and that's all good - BUT for the adventurers, free spirits and people who like to step outside the box, let's go...

1. the possibilities are literally endless

There's so many options for you...Axe throwing? Pumpkin painting class? Gin cruise? Disco Brunch? Roller Disco? Graffiti Workshop? DJ workshop even! If there's something you love, I guarantee you'll be able to find it and bring it to life.

2. life's too short not to

I'm a great believer in living for the moment and what better excuse than your hen party to really go all out?

This is your chance to shine! Bells, whistles, the lot. Or why not set a new trend and go really minimalistic with something nobody's ever tried before?

I think we're all secretly a little scared of change but sometimes, change is where the good stuff happens and you might surprise yourself with something you didn't even know was possible.

3. honestly, what's stopping you?

What's really holding you back? Maybe you're apprehensive about everyone liking what you pick? Maybe you're nervous in case it doesn't turn out how you imagine in your head? Either way, I think you deserve to follow your heart and go with what makes you feel alive. Even if it's just for one day only...wouldn't you rather an "oh naw" instead of a "what if"?

how do i get this party started?

Hopefully this little list inspired you to take some action and create a day filled with everything you love but now you might be asking how you get started...

You can find an earlier post about where to start with your planning here: and if you feel you still need a hand with how to get the ball rolling, feel free to message anytime and I'll do my best to help you.

Happy Planning!

Lesley x


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