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If you're planning a Hen Party, you can't afford to miss these tips!

Congratulations! You’ve been asked to plan one of the most exciting events ever!

Once you get over the initial excitement, you might wonder where to even begin. Planning a Hen Party can be tough and especially if you’re already the Maid of Honour. You’ll have a long list of responsibilities and adding the Hen Do to the list can be like planning another wedding!

I’ve got you covered. With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to plan a stress-free Hen Do and be praised for years to come…

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I can’t stress enough the importance of making a list to help you. Start with the guest list so you’ve got a rough idea of how many girls you’re planning for.

Buy yourself a new notebook to keep everything all in one place and start writing. You might be more of an email folder or spreadsheet gal, whatever works. Trello is also an amazing app for organising lists and electronically ticking things off.


The second most important thing to start with. Weddings can be so costly and everyone loves to save a few pennies here and there wherever possible so agreeing a budget with the whole hen party is only fair. Agreeing a budget will give you an idea of how tame or extravagant things can really be.

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Agreeing on some kind of theme will save a lot of headaches later on down the road and ties in nicely with whatever activities you decide to choose.

Maybe you fancy a festival style hen? Next you can decide on complimentary food, cocktails/mocktails, outfits, location, any activities that match, extra decor you want to add, any personalised items to add and how the general vibe of the party will be.

For Hens who don’t like the idea of a theme, the best way to organise would be to incorporate some of the Brides favourite things so it still has a special touch to the day and she still feels included in the planning.


6 months to 1 year before the party is when you’ll most likely find the best deals and manage to work around everyone’s holiday schedule. Sometimes it’s easier to pass this whole task over to a coordinator or travel agent but if you feel like you’re up for the job, you can check my next blog with tips on travel bookings.


Hen Parties are usually a mix of friends, family & work colleagues and not everyone knows each other. If you’re planning a wild activity, it’s best to organise a little ice-breaker afternoon first so everyone can ease into it without any awkward feelings. You want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible so they have the best day and sometimes all that’s needed is a little TLC before the big event, then everyone will feel ready to let their hair down!


HAVE FUN (obvs)! This is the main reason you’re organising a Hen Party! So make sure you all sit back after all that hard work and have some amazing fun together. It’s well deserved.

Hopefully you found that helpful and you’re already making a start on that list…

If you still find the whole thing too stressful and overwhelming, contact me and I can help with the coordinating -

Happy Planning!

Lesley x

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