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Happy New Year!

Well Happy New Year to you! And if you're a newly engaged bride-to-be...Huge Congratulations to you!! How exciting!

Once you get over the initial excitement and the endless celebrations, it can feel a little overwhelming with where to start with your planning. Maybe you're off the hook and your Maid of Honour is doing all the planning instead or maybe you'd prefer to plan the whole thing.

To make a start, you can check the previous blog with 5 tips on how to plan a stress free hen (

And for this post, I thought it would be helpful to highlight some other important questions to ask before making your checklist...


The million dollar question...will you be an Ibiza hen or are you happy to have a staycation in sunny Scotland?

We all know the sunny weather is not guaranteed in Scotland and most likely the deciding factor in what activity you choose.

Once you've decided on location, you can work out appropriate budgets.


Another huge important factor - food! Are you incorporating food to the party or are you just going straight for the hard liquor?

A sweet treat table is always a nice addition if you're having a garden party or hiring a venue and can be added for a reasonable cost with some possible leftovers...


Maybe you'd prefer to opt for a more unconventional hen party and incorporate the stag into the celebrations too?

It's becoming more and more popular to mix parties but is entirely up to you!


Confirming diaries with everyone is possibly one of the most frustrating parts of planning a hen!

My best advice to make your life is easier is run an online poll and ask everyone to vote on dates which suit them best. That way it's all saved in one place and saves you sifting through tons of texts or emails.



Now you've got a note of some of the most important things to take into consideration, hopefully it gives you a head start.

If you still find it all too overwhelming, you can contact me direct and I’ll do my best to help you but I believe in you to succeed!

Remember to save this post for later to refer back to.

Happy Planning!

Lesley x

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