2021...a year to remember?

I used to love this time of year!

Going out to tons of Christmas parties and coming home with loads of entertaining stories. Looking forward to the big Hogmany party in Princes Street, knowing you can forget all about the year and make a fresh new start on 1st January...but it doesn't quite have the same effect when we've got no idea what we're going to be faced with next year...

It's been a really difficult year at times and I have no doubt many of us have been faced with losing a loved one. I lost my aunty and it was extremely difficult not being able to have a proper goodbye but again, I'm sure I won't be alone in these frustrations.

My aunty was a huge character full of so much life and I miss her dearly but will always remember to keep living life as fully as her in honour of her spirit. As we all should do while we're still lucky enough to be here.

If I've learned anything over the last 20 months, it's that good fun is timeless and it's the one thing they can never take from us. No matter how hard they try.

It's not been all bad though and was actually a pretty successful year work wise! Being able to cheer people up when they needed it most and seeing smiles on faces makes it all worth it!

So it's only right to share a few highlights with you from 2021 at Hen-Do HQ...


It was another successful year of festival themed parties with the new bell tent getting a few outings and they were all so much fun! We had Ev-Fest, T-Fest, Wed-Film, Mia-Fest & a few Hen-Fests!

Still proving to be the most popular garden event and there's even one booked in the diary for January! Bring it on!


After 18 months of this activity being put on hold, I was FINALLY able to offer it to you again and it was like a dream come true!

We set up a shoot so you could see it all in action and the girls had a blast. Even comes complete with dance routines and a champagne bar!

Bet you wish you'd got your skates on sooner...


Probably the highlight of the year was being included in Rock n Roll Bride with your roller disco parties!

Always a favourite bridal magazine of mine and even more so now I'm in the industry, it was a huge honour to be included.

Maybe one day you'll be on the cover...


Yes I joined the world of Tik Tok and yes, I'm addicted. Not even sorry. It's amazing! Another stigma we need to break is TikTok being an app only for the young yins! It's a lot of fun and with fun being essential around here, it was essential to join...


I turned 40...shhhh! I was dreading this day but it was actually a lovely way to end the year being treated to some fancy meals out from my favourite people and a surprise party thrown by my nearest and dearest. If this is 40, could I do this every day?!

What was I so worried about?

Maybe the wrinkles will start next year...


What's in store for next year? You'll just have to wait and see! But there will absolutely be a lot more fun and a lot more surprises...

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I hope you have a beautiful Christmas & New Year when it comes and hope you have an extra big dose of fun...while filming a TikTok :)

Lesley x